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FOUNDATION for SIF Interoperability Test Kit

FOUNDATION for SIF Interoperability Test Kit


The FOUNDATION™ for SIF Interoperability Test Kit (SIF ITK) is the interoperability test kit for FOUNDATION for Safety Instrumented Functions devices. The SIF ITK is a means to ensure interoperability between Fieldbus equipment in modern safety systems. The SIF ITK is for internal testing only, so manufacturers should contact a certification agency for information regarding safety certifications.


  • Assists in Device Development (test during development)
  • Pre-testing a device to minimize testing costs
  • Runs all or a portion of the test cases
  • Enables developers to implement safety function capabilities
  • Helps developers troubleshoot SIF devices during development
  • Demonstrates interoperability of devices that are manufactured according to FOUNDATION specifications


  • FOUNDATION for SIF Interoperability Test System Software
  • Test Function Block (Black Box)
  • Fieldbus Diagnostics and Communications Interface with SIF Known Good Device (KGD) Firmware Module
  • National Instruments PCI-FBUS/2 board
  • Cat5 Network Cable (crossover)
  • 24v (750mA) power supply (Multi-plug)
  • Product license agreement
  • Software maintenance agreement

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit) Platform
  • 200MB+ hard disk space

Additional Components

The following items will be needed:

  • 2 Fieldbus terminators
  • 1 Fieldbus power supply/conditioner
  • 2 Fieldbus 9-pin cables (pin 7 positive, pin 6 negative) FOUNDATION H1 cable

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