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WirelessHART Test System

WirelessHART Test System


The WirelessHART® Test System includes wireless access points and test software produced on the Linux operating system that includes the test automation, application layer verification and analysis software for the evaluation of a device’s conformance to the HART Communication Protocol. It plays an integral part in the WirelessHART Device Registration program and ensuring device interoperability of both wired and WirelessHART-enabled devices.


  • Designed specifically for testing WirelessHART® technology
  • Automated applications provide good and bad stimulus to verify robustness of the device under test (DUT)


  • Wi-HTEST Access Points (x2)
  • USB interface cables (x2)
  • WirelessHART Test Applications
  • Wi-HTEST HART Master Simulator Software
  • Wi-HTEST User Manual

System Requirements

  • HART Test System (required to operate the WirelessHART Test System)

General Hardware Requirements

  • WirelessHART Gateway
  • 2 HART-Registered RS232 modems
  • Wi-ANALYS Network Analyzer

Part Warranty

  • 1 year parts warranty against manufacture defect

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